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The Healthcare Sector has assumed a critical role in the nation's overall growth paradigm that it should become a part of the overall strategic thinking and not as a mere social adjunct to planning economic growth. This is in light of the shifting global economic balance, tilting towards the emerging economies like India nudging the giants out of their strong thresholds.

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Sagar Hospitals practices leading-edge 24 hours emergency Services in a patient-friendly environment. Combining outstanding clinical care, efficiency, comfort, dignity and safety.Know More...


Sagar Hospitals pioneered the Home Health Care service program, the 1st of its kind in Karnataka made available to the Bangaloreans, particularly for the Senior Citizens and the immobile.Know More...


Sagar Hospitals pioneered the concept of Day Care (Short Stay Service) dedicated to handle patients with a swift efficient treatment by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.Know More...

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Cardiac Sciences
Nuclear magnetic
Urology & Nephrology
Neuro Sciences
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Blood test
Obstetrics and Gynecology
ENT and Head & Neck
Peripheral Vascular and Endovascular

Sagar Hospitals

From a courageous start as one of Bangalore’s first luxury multi-specialty hospitals, we have grown to become one of the most recognized and trusted household names in the Healthcare sector today.

The Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare Sector has assumed a critical role in the nation's overall growth paradigm that it should become a part of the overall strategic thinking and not as a mere social adjunct to planning economic growth.



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The Sagar Group

The Sagar Group ventured into Healthcare services under the capable leadership of Dr. Chandramma Sagar. With the mission to offer world class Healthcare services with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and reliability, Sagar Hospitals have set high standards based on these parameters with two tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals.



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Patients Speak

  • I got severe fracture in both feumer 2 years back. Satish started treatment and within one week all the movement of legs started.I was able to lift and bend my legs ,it was an enexpected achivemnt for me.I became more hopeful.
    Satish has been giving timely advice, whenever I needed it and it worked for me. Being friendly and very supportive ,Satish helped me to come back to my life again.
    From My side Sathish is absolutely fantastic. He is committed, passionate and a great asset of your team. He is my wingman.

    - Dharmendra

  • This is to inform you that I had a very severe left shoulder pain from past 3 - 4 months. I had to undergone physiotherapy under Dr Ajay S.N . During the course of treatment , his interactions with me was excellent. He was very kind, humble, gentle, softspoken, has lot of patience and gives a value for time. Treatment was really very good and now I am feeling much better relief.
    I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for Mr Dr Ajay S.N for his wonderful service. May god bless and his family all positive aspects of life. Wishing him all the very best for his future.

    - Mrs Meera Badrinath

  • I was asked to take 7 days if physio by Dr. Khincha, and opted for at home service. I was attended at home by your physiotherapist, Mr. Mahendra Naik, from Monday 30/04/2018 to Monday 07/05/2018.
    I was very happy with the service. He was always on time and very courteous. He was quite knowledgeable and helpful. I saw a stable improvement over the 7 days, and my pain reduced and my mobility increased to an extent.

    - Ankit Chordia

  • I am Vikram Kulkarni. I got operated in Sagar hospitals for femur fracture. Discharged on 08/01/2018.
    Sathish was my physio, who was just awesome. He took care of me so nicely. He made me to recover so soon which is mind blowing. Thank you so much for sending him as my physio.
    He understands my pain and concern so well and treats it correctly.
    Please send him only for other patients also.

    - Vikram

  • This is to inform you that Mr Ajay took care of my father Raghavendra Rao who had suffered stroke and was unable to perform his day to day activities. He had lost his self confidence and lost interest.
    Mr Ajay helped my father to regain his self confidence and helped him to regain his ability to work independently.
    Me, My father & My family are too much happy with the help provided by Mr Ajay and wish him for his future assignments.

    - Ajay

  • I am an ESM got Admitted to the hospital for the first time in my 52 years since met with an accident and have to undergo two operations. (Rt. backfoot operated in December.) Post operation period I was wondering how my jammed ankles can come back to moments... Then this gentleman came for my rescue. Very polite..., very friendly with patients... a Good motivator... social awareness Campaigner... ... having sound Professionalism .. very punctual, very honest,.. and so on .. Overall a "worthy asset" an Excel icon for an organisation... I wish him all the best in his future endeavours... It's all about physiotherapist Dr. S.N. Ajay Kumar ..

    - Mr Balasubramanyam

  • For all kind of health issues i prefer this hospital.It is a life saver. The staff is good, helpful and very warm. Best wishes

    - Amrita Mohanty

  • Sagar Hospital is very professional and secure. I was terribly sick last week and was diagnosed with a viral fever from here. I was recommended to take tests to ensure it was nothing else. I believe the doctors are highly qualified and trustworthy

    - Debayan Ghosh

  • Sagar is wonder hospital, with highly qualified Doctors, they have saved my 7months kid and my mother in law, we had gone in worse condition to the hospital, Doctors have taken care very well and the staff their is very much coordinating, We always prefer to go to Sagar hospital, even for my small health issues.

    - Karan

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