Intensive Care

The Department of Intensive Care at Sagar Hospitals is one the country’s most competent and versatile medical departments. These units are headed by a team of highly trained specialised doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. The Department of Intensive Care is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities like ventilators, incubators and monitoring systems to ensure that the patients are comfortable and well treated. The facilities, combined with the dedicated team of doctors at the Sagar Hospitals Department of Intensive Care, are one of the institute’s pride and joy.

The critical care support offered at the Department of Intensive Care consists of Cubicle Concept ICUs and central patient monitoring systems. The team follows the highest standard of infection control and care practices. The department was designed to provide patients with high-quality medical care that is available 24/7. The patients are admitted to ICUs where they can recuperate privately and have access to medical attention whenever they needed or desired.

The Department of Intensive Care at Sagar Hospitals has sub-units that are used for specialised purposes. These are:

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