Sagar Bone and Joint Institute

The Sagar Bone and Joint Institute is a nation-wide pioneer in offering evidence-based orthopaedic care for adults and paediatric population. It is supported by an exceptional team of highly-skilled Orthopaedic Surgeons, Arthroplasty Surgeons, Arthroscopy Surgeons, Hand and Microvascular Surgeons and Sports Medicine Specialists that treat ailments related to hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, foot, ankle, knee, hip. The team also consists of experienced Trauma Surgeons who are trained to handle orthopaedic emergencies and other complex cases. The objective of the Sagar Bone and Joint Institute is to follow international treatment protocols and ensure 24/7 optimal evidence-based orthopaedic care to patients.

The orthopaedic procedures offered at the Sagar Bone and Joint Institute are performed by a team of dedicated and experienced surgeons. These are performed to correct and repair fractured bones and diseased joints to give the patient relief from pain, discomfort and other debilitating symptoms. A broken hip or damaged knee is enough to prevent a person from performing the basic of tasks, such as walking, climbing stairs or even lying down. The doctors at this institute are focused on offering the most suitable care for individual cases, right down to the last symptom.

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