Department of Preventive Healthcare

The advancement of medical science over the years has made it possible for human beings to live longer, healthier lives. One branch of medical science that has been instrumental in achieving this result is Preventive Healthcare. It allows doctors and nurses to screen patients for potential medical conditions that could affect their health in the future. The predictive nature of this healthcare facility has helped millions of people around the world. It allows them to be prepared for a potential illness or condition and take necessary steps to prevent serious symptoms and complications.

Most people visit their doctor only when they are unwell. We need to understand the benefits of preventive care and how essential it is to undergo a routine check-up from time to time. Preventive healthcare helps people avoid suffering from serious illnesses as well as save them a lot of money. The treatment of chronic diseases is expensive and medical bills will keep piling up over time. With preventive healthcare, you can control the progress of symptoms, which will save you thousands of rupees in medical costs.

The Department of Preventive Healthcare at Sagar Hospitals has been voted as one of the most cutting-edge medical departments in the country. Its aim is to screen patients and keep them informed of their predictive health conditions.

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