Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physiotherapy is a treatment aimed at restoring, maintaining, and making the most of a patient’s mobility, body function, and well-being. At the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services at Sagar Hospitals, specialists help our patients through injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, and felicitating fitness.

The department provides the following services:

1. Outpatient clinic & interventional physiatrist services:

The outpatient clinic provides non-surgical treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiorespiratory conditions for both adults and paediatric patients. Musculoskeletal, joint, and neuromuscular injuries and diseases and other complications (such as spasticity and neurogenic pain) are diagnosed, assessed, and treated by physiatrists at the clinic. A treatment plan is created after evaluating the patient and the progress is followed up with the referred speciality doctor and therapist. Conservative methods such as medication, injections, and specific therapy prescriptions are used for treatment.