Department of FamilyMedicine

Family medicine revolves around providing care for the family as a social unit rather than focusing on just specific patient demography (such as children, adults, or women), an organ system (such as gastroenterology or cardiology), or the nature of the intervention (such as surgery). The specialty integrates biological, behavioral, and clinical sciences. The scope of family medicine thus covers all age groups, genders, organ systems, and disease entities.

The Department of Family Medicine at Sagar Hospitals provides continuing and comprehensive healthcare for you and your family. Maintaining the primacy of the doctor-patient relationships and continuity of care are the core values driving the specialists at the Department of Family Medicine. Family physicians at Sagar Hospitals are experts at dealing with the entire spectrum of medical issues that might be faced by members of a family unit. By fostering a continuous relationship between the doctor and patient, doctors are able to provide the best “patient first” care to the whole family.

The faculty of the Department of Family Medicine has deep experience in behavioral health issues, population health, common skin diseases, and health system management with an emphasis on everyday wellness and disease prevention.

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