Home Healthcare

Our home healthcare service provides home-bound patients with the same high-quality care and expertise that they expect from a leading hospital such as Sagar Hospital. Our specialist medical services are designed to provide comprehensive support to our patients and improve their quality of life from the comfort of their homes. Our compassionate and reliable staff is trained to help you navigate every medical recovery successfully.

Home healthcare services provided by Sagar Hospitals are

Home collection services

Our home collection service is equipped to send dependable healthcare technicians for collecting lab samples and conducting investigations from the comfort of your home. Our medical staff ensures the same hospital standards in your home that are maintained in our in-facility diagnostic centres.

Part-time nursing services

Our nurses provide a critical part of patient recovery—specialised individual care. Our staff brings you compassionate and attentive care at home so that your well-being is never compromised.

Sagar Hospitals provide highly trained nurses who excel in providing services such as

  • + Post surgical care
  • + Urine catheterization
  • + Wound care
  • + Suture removal
  • + Injections (I/M, I/V, S/C)
  • + Vital signs checking.
  • + Ryle’s tube insertion
  • + IVF-infusion

Postoperative care services

Our postoperative services provide an essential component of the healing process, with our nursing care ensuring complete physical and mental recovery of the patient.

A highly experienced team of doctors, nurses, and other specialists visit you and provide the required care within the warmth of your home. For special cases, nurses also provide 24×7 monitoring and care.

Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy has proved its efficacy in providing relief to people suffering from pain and physical injuries and restoring strength, mobility, and function.

The benefits of availing physiotherapy at home from Sagar Hospitals are

  • + Comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery at home
  • + Cost-effective and better time management
  • + Personalised care
  • + Improved balance, coordination, stability, and mobility

Rehabilitation services

Our rehabilitation services are ideal for patients suffering from prolonged illnesses or those who require assistance post-surgery or hospitalization. Our skilled team of health experts provides round the clock treatment and care in our patients’ homes. Regular updates regarding progress and recovery are discussed with the family to put their mind at ease.

Pre and postnatal care services

The pre and postnatal care services effectively address the needs of the mother and reduce the incidences of complications with interdisciplinary teamwork of healthcare specialists. Our staff provides effective home care to improve bonding between the mother and baby and facilitates home-based rehabilitation and early mobilization of postnatal mothers.

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