Emergency and Acute Care

When it comes to medical emergencies, the “golden hour” is the most crucial. This is the time between the trauma incident and medical help. Treatment during this period ensures that the patient’s life is saved and they are protected from further harm. The Emergency and Acute Care Department at Sagar Hospitals specialises in these medical emergencies and ensures high-quality care in the most efficient means possible.

The Emergency and Acute Care Department consists of a team of dedicated doctors who are trained in providing fast and crucial medical and surgical care to patients who require immediate medical attention. This team of doctors is versatile and highly capable of handling all sorts of medical emergencies, such as vehicular accident victims, heart attack, stroke, poisoning, paediatric emergencies and many others. The Emergency and Acute Care Department at Sagar Hospitals has shown a track record of attending to critical emergency cases within 3 minutes of their arrival. This makes it one of the most effective and reliable emergency care departments in the country.

Besides quick response, another notable aspect of the Sagar Hospitals Emergency and Acute Care Department is their dedication toward patient relief and care. The doctors treat the patients with compassion and ensure that their symptoms and conditions are treated holistically and effectively. The emergency doctors also work with other specialised doctors in cases of stroke, cardiac failure etc. to offer their resources and multidisciplinary expertise. They also expedite patient transfers to other departments.

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