Patient and Visitor’s Guide

Our doctors, nurses and staff do their best to help you regain your strength and get well as soon as possible. Sagar Hospitals also strives to provide you with a pleasant, patient-friendly environment with trained staff that is available 24/7 to help you with your needs.

Pre-admission process

If you have been given a hospitalisation date, we encourage you to pre-register with us as early as possible to ensure admission without any delay. Pre-registration can be done in person at our 24-hour Admissions Desk located in the hospital lobby.

Admission process

We recommend that you bring the following for your Admission Registration

  • + Admission slip from your Doctor
  • + Letter of Guarantee for payment from your employer / insurance company (if applicable)
  • + Parents’ ID proof (if Patient’s age is below 12 years) for corporate cases
  • + Passport (if you are not an Indian citizen)
  • + If you are a health insurance card holder, kindly furnish your details ( TPA name, ID no, photo ID, etc) to the insurance personnel at the Admissions Desk.
For any insurance related queries, kindly contact the insurance desk at the Admissions counter in the hospital lobby. Note: The admissions procedure for insurance card holders varies from company to company.

Day of admission

Registration for admission is done at the Admissions Desk situated in the hospital lobby. If you have not pre-registered, you are required to complete the registration formalities on the day of your admission. Due to the unpredictability of patient occupancy, we can confirm your choice of accommodation only on the day of admission. If we are unable to provide your choice of accommodation at the time of admission, we can offer to transfer you to your preferred room type as soon as there is an availability.

Adsmission timings

Admission is fixed at 12:00 noon. We request you to adhere to the admission time as this will facilitate the smooth transition to your room as well as avoid delays in scheduled procedures or tests.

Initial Deposit

A minimum deposit is required at the time of admission. The sum payable varies with your choice of accommodation. Information on the charges applicable may be found in our Hospital Rates and Charges leaflet. Our Guest Relation executives can guide you in this matter as well. If you are required to undergo any surgery, the entire amount, for the procedure as advised by your doctor, will have to be deposited at the time of admission (for cash cases).

Subsequent planned payments

Additional payment requirements will be intimated to you from time-to- time depending on your treatment. Please ensure that the payment is made within 24 hours of intimation.

What to bring for your in-hospital stay
  • + Personal toiletries, if you prefer. Hospital provides a toiletry kit for the patient at the time of admission
  • + Personal clothing
  • + Bedroom slippers
  • + Bags (for your soiled linen)
  • + Medicines with doctor’s prescription, if consumed regularly

A maternity patient may also bring along

  • + Maternity brassieres
  • + Sanitary belt and sanitary towels (both optional)

We will provide the following for your newborn baby, with our compliments

  • + Baby vests
  • + Disposable diapers
  • + Baby toiletries
  • + Wrapping blanket
  • + A pair of mittens

As a token of joy, we celebrate the birth of your baby with a gift pack that includes your baby’s first picture and a small gift. A birth report containing the details of your baby’s birth will be provided at the time of discharge.

Important note for your safety

Large sums of cash or valuables should not be kept with you or in open display. If you have such items, please ensure that it is in the safe custody of your patient attenders. Ensure your jewellery/ eye wear/ hearing aids/ mobile phones, laptops etc. are safe. MANAGEMENT WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF YOUR VALUABLES & PERSONAL BELONGINGS.

Room facilities

Once you complete your admission registration, the Guest Relations Executive will guide you to your room. You will be briefed on your room amenities and services and will be introduced to the paramedical staff. Your room has been specially designed to provide the comfort of a home. All rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with telephones, nurse-call systems, etc.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are regulated to ensure that you get proper rest for a speedy recovery. Restrictions on the number of visitors will reduce /prevent infections thereby ensuring patient safety. Flowers/ bouquets / tender coconut/fruits and other eatables are not allowed in the ward areas . We request you to ensure strict observance of the visiting hours by your visitors:

  • + Monday to Saturday between 5:00 p.m and 7:00 pm l Sundays between 10:00 a.m and 12:00 noon and between 5:00 p.m and 7:00 p.m
  • + Children younger than 12 are not permitted in patient areas without special authorization because some patients must not be exposed to common childhood illnesses. Please check before bringing children to a patient care unit. During flu season, additional restrictions may be in place to protect patients.
  • + Only one visitor at a time is allowed to visit you during above hours.
  • + Visitors may choose to have refreshments or meals at either the coffee shop or the canteen.

We also have a small Gift Shop, located on the ground floor, offering a selection of books, greeting cards, gifts, snacks and other miscellaneous items.

Companion accommodation

If you are occupying a suite, private deluxe, private or semi- private room, you are eligible to have one relative or spouse staying with you overnight. Parents may accompany sick children overnight in the general wards. At Sagar Hospitals, we believe in healthcare for all. Towards this initiative, we offer preventive healthcare services to our patient’s attenders. This complete health check is offered on the hospital premises and reports are available on the same day. To avail this service, please contact the Preventive Health Check department, located on the ground floor of the hospital.

Maternity patients

If you require assistance with your new born child, our nursing staff will advise you on the general care of your baby. Should you encounter problems with breast feeding or other maternal issues, our nurses will be there to offer assistance. With the objective of helping expecting and new mothers cope with any difficulties they may experience during pregnancy and after delivery, we offer a series of programs at nominal fees:

  • + Childbirth Educational Courses
  • + Pre-natal and Post-natal Exercises
  • + Caring for the Newborn

A gentle reminder

In order to ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay for you and your neighbours, we would appreci-ate your cooperation in the following

  • + Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
  • + Keep children supervised and noise to a minimum.
  • + Observe visiting hour regulations.
  • + Do not leave valuables unattended.
  • + Do not dial or accept telephone calls after 9:00 p.m particularly if you are sharing a room. Urgent calls will be relayed to you from the nursing station.
  • + Washing of clothing and linen in bath rooms / toilets is strictly prohibited.
  • + Avoid using mobile phones in the ward areas & common areas.
  • + Please keep the hospital premises neat and tidy.

We respect patients’ right to confidentiality. Hence, we request you to kindly avoid discussing pa-tients’ issues loudly in common areas.

Discharge procedure

The hospital discharge time is between 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 Noon*. *Additional charges will apply after 12:00 noon. Insurance discharges will not be processed after 4pm as the time for approval may extend to late evenings. Note:The patients having credit facilities(from Corporates as well as insurance) will have to bear “Non Medical Expenses themselves”.

Cash discharge procedure

We will start processing your hospital bill once your doctor deems you fit for discharge. The ward secretaries will type the discharge summary and have it signed by the doctors in accordance to their availability, which may a bit of time. Simultaneously, the billing staff will process your bills and shall handover the final bill (only in cash cases) to you. Upon receiving the final bill, please settle the total bill amount due. Ensure that you fully under-stand the prescribed medication from the nursing staff and collect your belongings. Please inform your floor coordinator, if you prefer an earlier discharge.

If the discharge is sudden and unplanned

A provisional discharge note will be given during the time of your departure. The discharge summary with the consultant’s signature can be collected during your next visit. The average time taken to complete the discharge process for a cash cases is between 2-4 hrs from the time the treating doctor has announced discharge. Insurance cases will have to wait for the ap-proval letter. This may take approximately 4-6 hrs. The hospital management has no control over the processing time taken by the insurance companies. We request your co- operation in this regard.

Discharge procedure for antenatal cases

In addition to the normal discharge procedure , if you are a maternity patient and your baby requires a blood test prior to discharge, you will have to wait for the results to be made known to your doc-tors who will then decide if your baby is fit for discharge. This will result in a delay in the discharge procedure.
Our staff will issue your baby’s Birth Report, after which you may proceed to settle your account. Our nursery staff will:

  • + Counter check the identification of your baby with you.
  • + Give you your Baby’s Health Booklet.
  • + Information of any discharge instructions.
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