Dental Sciences and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental science is the field of medical science concerned with the health and conditions affecting the teeth and oral cavity. Not many people are fond of going to the dentist, which is why dentists receive the least amount of appreciation in the medical science community. Dentists are specialised doctors who help patients with conditions such as tooth pain, cavities, diseased gums, tooth decay, mouth sores, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, oral cancer and many others. The team of doctors at the Dental Sciences and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Sagar Hospitals is determined, focused and highly competent with regards to dental health and patient care. The department offers treatment procedures that involve preventive, restorative, regenerative replacement and aesthetic therapies.

The team at the Dental Sciences and Maxillofacial Surgery Department consists of highly skilled consultants who are capable of handling all kinds of challenges and emergencies. They incorporate the latest procedures, facilities and a multi-disciplinary approach in their diagnoses and treatment to ensure quick and effective results. The main focus of this department is orthodontic corrections of malaligned teeth. Doctors also perform smile enhancement procedures such as bleaching of discoloured teeth, restoration of worn out, chipped or fractured teeth. A new addition to the list of latest techniques is the use of ceramic laminate veneers to mask discoloration, close gaps between teeth, alter size and shape of teeth and help in minor alignment.

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