Radiology and Diagnostic Services

Modern technology has played a large role in establishing many kinds of innovation in the world of medical science. It has given doctors countless ways to diagnose and treat diseases. Some of these techniques are invasive and require a certain period of time for recovery. Some others are exploratory, giving doctors access to areas of the body without using traditional techniques. Others techniques are minimally or non-invasive, an area that is increasingly being used by doctors everywhere. Diagnostic Radiology is a field which focuses on methods that use non-invasive techniques to identify, diagnose and monitor certain illnesses or conditions.

The Department of Radiology and Diagnostics at Sagar Hospitals is one of the most competent and versatile medical departments in the country. It aims to provide simple solutions for complex situations such as diagnosing tricky medical conditions. The Department of Radiology and Diagnostics focuses on identifying a wide range of medical issues. The most common situations are identifying broken bones, diagnosing heart conditions, identifying the location of blood clots, diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions and many more. The purpose behind diagnostic imaging at the Sagar Hospital Department of Radiology and Diagnostics is to use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques to identify and treat medical conditions.

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