Department of Psychology

The most powerful and fascinating “organ” in the human body is the mind. It houses everything we think, feel, plan and process every single day. It powers our body, movements, actions and behaviour. But why do we disregard it when our mind is distressed? Is a mental condition not as serious as a physical one?!

In our time today, each individual faces more stress, pressure and responsibilities than their predecessors. This weight is applied on our minds every day and there are days when your mental health does not feel like a 100 percent. While it is difficult to take time away from these stressful and responsible situations to unwind, it is essential for every person to take care of their mental health just as they would their physical bodies. Fortunately for the citizens of Bengaluru, they have access to the Department of Psychology at Sagar Hospitals.

Since it was opened, the Department of Psychology at Sagar Hospitals has made tremendous strides in the treatment and management of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder in its patients. It offers comprehensive psychiatric assessments and analysis for people of all ages. The multi-speciality team of doctors provides options for the management of common and chronic mental conditions. The areas of specialisation at the Department of Psychology include Neuropsychiatry, Memory Clinics, Liaison and Paediatric Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

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