Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Diet is an integral part of preventive and curative health care management. A dietician provides nutritional guidance and care when special dietary considerations are required due to illness, injury, or surgery. The Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Sagar Hospitals plays a key role in improving the nutritional health of our patients to optimise their general well-being and clinical management.

The nutrition experts and dieticians of the department provide comprehensive nutrition services for outpatients and inpatients of all ages. This includes thorough nutritional assessments, screenings, intervention, and education to patients to create a baseline for good nutritional health.

The nutritionists are actively involved as an integral part of the patient care services of the hospital. Our dieticians work to design meal plans for patients whose diets require close monitoring. Special therapeutic diets are planned according to the clinical conditions of the patient. By monitoring, counselling, and following-up with our patients on their therapeutic diets, proper enteral or parenteral nutrition support is provided.

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