Our staff, in consultation with the doctors, will generate an estimate of your hospital charges during pre-admission or admission. Any complications or procedures not specified during admission will not be a part of the initial estimate. Therefore, we seek your understanding of the fact that the final billed amount may vary from the estimate given at this time.

Billing Categories

Our billing categories are broadly classified into two streams: Cash Patients (self paying patients) & Cashless Patients (Insurance holders).

Payments of hospital bill

Please be aware that you may receive interim bills from the floor coordinators from time-to-time, which needs to be paid within 24 hours. All bills must be paid before leaving the hospital. Payment must be made at the in-patient billing counter. We accept the following modes of payment

  • Cash
  • Demand Draft/Pay Order
  • Debit/Credit Card(Visa/Master)

Please note that the payment done by card is subject to 1.5 % for handling charges. We request you to provide a letter of guarantee from your employer or insurance company at the time of admission in the event that your employer or insurance company is paying your bill. Please be aware that Sagar Hospitals has no role to play in the approval or denial of payment either by your employer or insurance company and will not be liable for the same. In such case, you will be personally liable for the settlement of the bill.

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