Registration and Admission

Outpatient Appointment

Our patient care staff will be glad to book an appointment with your doctor over the phone or you can directly book your appointment online or just walk-in. Outpatient appointment is taken to either consult your doctor for examination or treatment at the hospital.

When you book an appointment online, the responsible staff member will get in touch with you, in case it’s required. You may also arrive 15 minutes before your outpatient appointment and ask for more information at the OPD reception. We will gladly provide directions from there. If possible, we will accompany you to the department.

In-patient Stay

Department co-ordinator will book your in-patient stay at Sagar Hospitals for the pre-scheduled dates. Please read our recommendations for a hospital stay before packing your bag. On the day of the admission, please come straight to the admissions office that is located in the ground floor. After completing the admission formalities, a member of our staff will accompany you to the designated department or directly to your room, whichever is appropriate.

If a surgical operation is due to take place on the day of admission, please arrive on an empty stomach, i.e. do not eat any solid food from midnight. You can drink still water up to one hour before most surgical procedures.

What to bring

Please bring in all of the following documents with you

  • Personal ID (identity card, passport or aadhar card)
  • Insurance card (health insurance)
  • Doctor’s referral letter, if available
  • Documents from prior examinations (x-rays, medical reports, etc.)
  • Blood group and vaccination card, allergy ID, diabetes monitoring booklet or other medical ID cards
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • Underwear, socks
  • Pajamas or nightgown
  • Slippers
  • A small amount of cash or bank card for the ATM
  • Books and magazines, if you want to read
  • Electronic entertainment devices (music, movies and games; use with headphones only please). We have televisions in all the rooms.
  • If necessary: glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid(s) (with spare battery), walker
  • It is best if you leave valuables, credit cards, etc. at home as the Sagar Hospitals assumes no responsibility for your personal belongings
  • Your toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, etc. is provided by the hospital as a complimentary kit based on your category of accommodation
  • Medication that you take regularly including the original packaging
  • Organ donor card, if you are registered


Dial 080 42 888 100/ 42 999 100 in case of an emergency or come directly to the Emergency Department, which is located in the far end of the ground floor.

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