The clinical video modality of tele-health platform using interactive live video technology allows a health care provider who is not located in the same location as a patient to view, diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions of the patient in real time.

You can call the hospital listed numbers to book an appointment OR visit our website to make an appointment directly.

To book an appointment at Sagar Hospitals, Jayanagar, call 080 4288 8888
To book an appointment at Sagar Hospitals, Banashankari, call 080 4299 9999

A list of selected doctors are providing online consultation across varied specialities at this time. You will be able select among these doctors to consult online. If you don’t see your doctor in the list and you are an existing patient and have a follow up appointment, but cannot travel, please get in touch with one of our staff members to explain your condition. Our staff and doctors will try to accommodate your request to the best of their ability.

When you register to book an appointment and you book a slot, you will receive an SMS with a payment link. You will have to pay online using that link to confirm your booking slot.

The application is best viewed in Safari or Chrome browser in your computer. You may also use iPad, iPhone, Android phones.

We recommend using Safari or Chrome browser for best technical experience. Please download the app much ahead of your appointment. Log in at least 5-7 minutes before your appointment time. However, if you are still unable to connect because of a technical issue, please notify a member of our team immediately. They will help you reschedule your appointment.

A video consultation is conducted on real-time basis between a patient and the doctor. The doctor is registered and board certified specialist in India. On commencement of the video consultation the doctor will verify your name and other details.

Once determined that you are suitable for a video consultation, our doctor will proceed to provide you with a diagnosis, prescription as appropriate. If our doctor determines that you are unsuitable for a tele-consultation, our doctor will inform you accordingly and will advise you to seek the appropriate follow-up actions for continuity of care before ending the tele-consultation.

The waiting time will depend on the number of patients waiting in the queue ahead of you. We strive to keep waiting times short and to ensure that everyone is able to see a doctor within 15 minutes. If the estimated queue times exceed 15 minutes, our staff will prompt you and ask if you wish to reschedule your appointment.

We try to accommodate patients of all age-groups and gender for clinical video consultation. However, minors without the immediate supervision of their guardian or parent are not allowed to be consulted. Our doctor will end up canceling the appointment/ or ask for a rescheduling.

Any recording whether audio or video during the video consultation, in whole or in part, by any of the administrator, the patient or the doctor is strictly prohibited.

Any violation of the foregoing constitutes a breach of privacy and confidentiality laws between the doctor and the patient.

Yes, for now, each time slot that we are able to book per patient is for a window of 15 minutes.

Where available and medically appropriate, we could recommend having the following equipment on hand for use during consultation.

• Thermometer
• Blood pressure apparatus
• Glucometer (for diabetics)
• Weighing Scale
Recent Medical Reports

You may also record your vitals before the video consultation and have them ready for your doctor.

The common conditions suitable for a video consultation include but are not limited to the following:

Acute Conditions
Arthritic Pain
Insect bites
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)
Rashes / Skin Infections
Sprains & strains
Bladder infections
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
Sports Injuries
Ear Pain

Chronic Conditions
Arthritic Pain
Insect bites
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)
Bone Diseases (Osteoarthritis, Osteporosis)

For conditions that are not found on the list above, the doctor will make a clinical judgement based on his/her best assessment.

You can reschedule or cancel an appointment directly on tele-consultation platform by providing certain information. Alternatively, you can call a member of our team to help you with the rescheduling or cancellation.

First off, we hope that you don’t have to book and cancel an appointment with us. But, in case you still need to do that we will be happy to consider you. You may either use the credit towards your next appointment or allow us 28 working days to return it to the original mode of payment. Please note that the refund of handling charges is not possible. In addition, you might have to incur a small of cancellation.

To assess your condition further, your doctor might ask you to visit the hospital to see him in-person. If you book an appointment for the same condition with the same doctor and come for a follow-up with 3 days from the date of your first consultation, your consultation fee will be waived off.

Your doctor is going to explain you the pre-admission process. Please read our “patient guide” under Patients and Visitors section on our website for details.

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