Department of Dermatology

Dermatology is the branch of medicine focused on skin, nails, and hair and their associated conditions and diseases. It is a specialty that offers both medical and surgical aspects. The Department of Dermatology at Sagar Hospitals provides complete medical treatment for diseases of skin, hair and nails at its inpatient and outpatient services. Over the years, this department has climbed the ranks among medical departments to become one of the most reliable and coveted in the country.

The Department of Dermatology houses a team of specialised doctors who are trained to treat diseases of the skin, scalp, hair and nails as well as other cosmetic problems. The complete skin care provided at this department includes comprehensive treatment for conditions such as:
+ Pimples
+ Dark spots and pigmentation
+ Scars
+ Rashes
+ Hair loss
+ Eczema and itching disorders
+ Boils and skin infections
+ Prickly heat

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