Department of General and Minimal Invasive Surgery

One of the most effective and competent teams of doctors in the State work at the Department of General and Minimal Invasive Surgery at Sagar Hospitals, Bengaluru. The highly dedicated medical staff is skilled and trained in performing various types of surgeries and has been instrumental in saving countless lives in the city. Combined with a clean and comfortable environment, the Department of General Surgery at Sagar Hospitals has been a top choice for surgical procedures among people in Bengaluru as well as the rest of Karnataka.

At Sagar Hospitals, you will find that the General Surgeons and Minimal Invasive Surgeons have unique specialised skills and training in the diagnosis and management of a variety of diseases and disorders. They come from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, giving the department an unmatched diverse set of skills. This broad knowledge has made the Surgeons at the Department some of the most competent and sought after medical professionals in the city.

The Department of General and Minimal Invasive Surgery at Sagar Hospitals takes pride in its modern equipment and automated facilities. These aid the doctors in providing expert treatment and management of a wide range of diseases and medical problems.

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