Who We Are?

Sagar Group ventured into healthcare services under the capable leadership of Dr. Chandramma D Sagar in the 60s with the establishment of Chandra Nursing Home. Almost four decades later, her legacy and vision was carried forward by her two sons, Dr. D Hemachandra Sagar and Dr. D Premachandra Sagar. They set on the path of providing affordable yet world-class healthcare to their immediate community by founding one of the first corporate, 250 bedded, multi-speciality tertiary care hospital in the city of Bengaluru in the year 2002. This was followed by an ambitious 415 bedded, multi-speciality tertiary care hospital in the year 2009. Sagar Hospitals is synonymous with quality healthcare, efficiency, reliability and has set very high standards in the healthcare sector in the State.

With a courageous start in the beginning of the century, we have now grown to become the most trusted healthcare partner amongst our community members. With the mission to continue to serve our society, we’ve embarked on a journey to create the most advanced healthcare workforce i.e, the doctors and other allied streams. Dayananda Sagar University has been tirelessly working on the Medical College project with an attached 1300 bedded hospital. Our University campus is located in Harohalli in greater Bengaluru area. The first phase of the hospital opened its doors to its patients in the last half of the year 2019’.

The healthcare sector in India has assumed a critical role in the nation’s overall growth paradigm that it should become a part of the overall strategic thinking and not as a mere social adjunct to planning economic growth. This is in light of the shifting global economic balance, tilting towards the emerging economies like India nudging the giants out of their strong thresholds. Realizing the need to be part of this significant transformational phase of the country, Sagar Hospitals is working on positioning itself to blend its business vision with nation’s policy.

As we navigate through the dynamic world of healthcare, our priority remains our patients and we strive to provide the best available treatment to our patients using the most latest technology and techniques.

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