Steps to Covid Recovery Plan

Covid-19 has been a pandaemic with a difference. Different in many ways as it continues to change faces. While to begin with, the symptoms of Covid-19 were similar to those of a patient with a common flu, with passage of time, patients started presenting with newer type of complaints which ultimately resulted in testing positive for the virus.

A unique point about this particular virus is that even if a person considers himself to have completely recovered, there is still every possibility that he may catch the infection again. This makes it extremely important for not only the recovered patient but those around him, to continue to strictly follow Covid-19 safety protocols as laid down by the health department and government.

In addition to Basic Protocols like wearing of mask, washing hands at regular intervals and maintaining a physical distance, there are certain important steps to be followed, to ensure a steady recovery from the dreaded virus.

Steps towards recovery from Covid-19

As it would happen with many patients, who would recover from various types of serious diseases, the fear of contacting the illness once again, can continue to haunt even Covid patients. Hence, it is required to formulate a methodical recovery program to ensure that start feeling confident all over again.

Taking care of emotional well-being

The very fear of having contacted Covid-19 can cause lot of anxiety to patients and their families. Hence it is extremely important for the families to ensure that the patient stays positive. It is necessary not to dwell on tough days passed by and prepare mentally towards recovery to begin with. Getting back to routine activities slowly will help in creating a fresh feeling of confidence.

Maintain a healthy diet routine

It is very important not to miss your daily meals. Include energy rich cereals in your diet like cereals, pulses, milk and milk products. Consume more of seasonal fruits and vegetables and leafy vegetables. These help in strengthening the immune system. Stay hydrated as much as possible and drink lots of water.

Regain Your Strength

Covid-19 can cause extensive damage to the lungs and respiratory system. Hence recovery would take some time. It is not a bad idea to reach out to an occupational therapist. He can help you on your road to recovery, by helping in adjusting to new energy levels. To support your recovery program, cut down on excess and strenuous activities.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises can be extremely useful in helping giving momentum to the lungs. Regular sessions of Pranayama and Chest exercises can help reduce breathlessness.

Get yourself tested for Covid-19

Recovery symptoms can vary from person to person. Hence, it is advisable to have a Covid test is any symptoms persist for a long time. For those who recover, chances of getting re-infected are low for the first three months.

The Bottom Line

Covid-19 has shown itself to be a very tricky virus to deal with. The need of the hour is to continue to stay safe even after full recovery. It is extremely important to follow all safety protocols as chances of getting re-infected due to ignorance can be very high. Today, we have vaccines at our disposal which can make a huge difference. Getting vaccinated should be top priority after the scheduled period of recovery is over. How long Covid-19 will continue to keep us humans on our toes is unknown but following safety protocols should never be compromises.

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