A Ray of Hope During COVID Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to organ transplants becoming the last option for hospitals as they are busy setting up covid care centers and ramping up their ICU’s to cater to Covid patients. A 42 year old CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patient was one of the many patient’s put on an endless waiting list for a kidney transplant. The burden of mal functioning kidneys & having to undergo haemodialysis twice a week caused her much distress.

A Gift of Life

Sagar Hospitals always believes in the preamble-Transplanting Organs from a beating heart, brain dead donor is one of the greatest gifts one can bestow upon society and mankind!

The Neurology doctors had declared a particular patient as brain dead and the patient’s family members had approached the hospital authorities to donate the deceased patient’s organs. The hospital staff applauded their selfless gesture and sprang into action.

The Sagar Hospitals Transplant Coordination Committee headed by Dr. (Major) Mahendra Kumar, Medical Director informed the Jeevasarthakathe Team (Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka) about the organ donation consent given by the deceased patient’s relatives.

After obtaining the necessary consent from the relatives, the organ retrieval teams discharged by Jeevasarthakathe, arrived at the hospital. The Operation Theater team sprung into action in coordinating the organ retrieval process. The kidneys were harvested for transplant at the hospital.

The Nephrology Team consisting of Dr. Aravind and Dr. Sanjeev. K Hiremath, the Transplant team headed by Dr. Dilip. C Dhanpal and Dr. Nagasubramanyam took over. For the kidney transplant, 7 potential recipients from all over the state were selected as per the list maintained by Jeevasarthakathe. All the potential recipients underwent HLA matching to ascertain their fitness for undergoing transplantation, out of which the 42 year old Recipient was best suited immunologically and was immediately prepped for the Renal Transplant.

The new protocol for Covid safety, entailed the donor, recipient and the entire surgical team to undergo immediate RT PCR. After harvesting the organs from the donor, two surgical teams one for the recipient surgery and one for Bench Surgery i.e., to make the kidney surgically optimum for the transplant was formed and surgeries were completed. The ultrasound Doppler done on table showed excellent vascular flow and good perfusion of the transplanted kidney.

The Rebirth

The Recipient was shifted to transplant ICU and monitored continuously. The team at the hospital took extra precautions keeping the covid protocols in mind. She was discharged a few days later and owes her new life to the experienced & dedicated team at Sagar Hospitals.

The whole transplant was possible without a hitch only by the combined team effort of the Neuro Surgical team headed by Dr. Murali Mohan, Neuro Intensivist Dr. Gayathri, Nephro-Uro team of doctors, the transplant coordinator, Operation Theater staff, Kidney Transplant Unit nurses and the Departments of Laboratory and Radiology.

Kudos to Team Sagar for having the courage, experience and the commitment to conduct this emergency transplant diligently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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