Department of Dental Sciences

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Sagar Hospitals practices leading-edge emergency care in a patient-friendly environment. Combining outstanding clinical care, efficiency, comfort, dignity and safety.


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Sagar Hospitals offers it's varied and highly esteemed quality of services starting from 8:00 in the morning and runs through the day until 8:00 at night except on Sundays when it is 9:00 am till 5:00 p.m .

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Dental Sciences

The department consists of a comprehensive team of consultants belonging to various specializations in the field of dentistry who are capable of undertaking all types of challenging and latest treatment procedures.

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Department of Dental Sciences

TheSagar Hospitals offers all types of dental treatment procedures involving preventive, restorative, aesthetic, regenerative and replacement therapies. Treatment procedures for total mouth rehabilitation, which involves multi-disciplinary approach are, also performed successfully.

Dental Sciences

  •  Orthodontic corrections of misaligned teeth
  •  Smile enhancement procedures such as:
  •  Bleaching of discolored teeth
  •  Restore fractured, chopped and worn out teeth
  •  Use of ceramic laminate veneers to mask discoloration, close gaps between teeth, alter shapes and sizes of teeth and minor alignment of teeth
  •   Orthodontics - Correction of Irregular / misaligned Teeth
  •   Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry
  •   Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
  •   Root Canal Treatment
  •   Prosthodontics - Replacing Missing Teeth
  •   Periodontal surgeries - Treatment for Gum Diseases
  •   Total mouth rehabilitation
  •   Treatment of traumatized teeth
  •   All ceramic and metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  •   Bleaching - teeth whitening
  •   Veneers to mask discoloration, to change size, shape, contours and so on – Smile designing
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