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The Healthcare Sector has assumed a critical role in the nation's overall growth paradigm that it should become a part of the overall strategic thinking and not as a mere social adjunct to planning economic growth. This is in light of the shifting global economic balance, tilting towards the emerging economies like India nudging the giants out of their strong thresholds. Realizing the need to be part of this significant transformational phase of the country, Sagar Hospitals is planning to position itself to blend its corporate social responsibility with its overall business vision in shaping its Healthcare sector.

Company vision


Creating a premier, patient focused and integrated health care delivery system and achieving excellence in patient care and medical education.

The Sagar Group ventured into Healthcare services under the capable leadership of Dr. Chandramma Sagar. With the mission to offer world class Health­care services with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and reliability, Sagar Hospitals have set high standards based on these parameters with two tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals. The first hospital at Jayanagar was launched on 24th July, 2002 at Jayanagar, Bangalore. Six years later, the most advanced hi-tech hospital in the country was launched at Banashankari, Bangalore, equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. From a courageous start as one of Bangalore’s first luxury multi-specialty hospitals, we have grown to become one of the most recognized and trusted household names in the Healthcare sector today.

Since then, it has been quite a journey with many milestones that have made Sagar Hospitals a force to reckon with in the Healthcare industry in India. Testimony to this lies in our growth thus far and exemplifies a story of continuous progress and transformation. Both the hospitals at Jayanagar and Banashankari have cared and treated well over a million patients for over a decade now. We aim to spread our wings across tier 2 & 3 cities in Karnataka and other parts of India with constant endeavor towards excellence in Healthcare delivery.

We have already set our footprints in the Middle East with a surgical day care clinic in Dubai and a polyclinic facility in Muscat. Our growing international clients have given us the confidence to test the new opportunities offered by the National Health Services of the United Kingdom and to expand our overseas profile from Middle East to Far East and Africa.

As we coast along the fast changing medical technology, we are very conscious of our essential responsibility towards our patients and will strive to relate the technology for effective, reliable and cost effective services. With this quest in mind, Sagar Hospitals certainly is poised to be an important player in the global Healthcare services sector.


To serve the needs of the society and to provide integrated and cost effective quality health care. To expand the boundaries of Medical Science through research and training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Why Choose Us?

From a courageous start as one of Bangalore’s first luxury multi-specialty hospitals, we have grown to become one of the most recognized and trusted household names in the Healthcare sector today.

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Emergency Services

Sagar Hospitals practices leading-edge emergency Services in a patient-friendly environment. Combining outstanding clinical care, efficiency, comfort, dignity and safety.

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Home Healthcare

Sagar Hospitals pioneered the Home Health Care service program, the 1st of its kind in Karnataka made available to the Bangaloreans, particularly for the Senior Citizens and the immobile.

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Sagar Day Care

Sagar Hospitals pioneered the concept of Day Care (Short Stay Service) dedicated to handle patients with a swift efficient treatment by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

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Online Appointment

To ensure hassle free procedure, you can now book appointment with your doctor through our online appointment facility.

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