Sagar Hospitals Bangalore, India offers the Latest technology in bloodless laser prostate surgery.The World’s most advanced ‘Greenlight PV System’ (KTP laser) delivers breakthrough solution for prostate enlargement.

In a path breaking solution to all prostate gland related urological problems, Sagar Hospitals brings to Bangalore the world’s most advanced, breakthrough, out-patient Laser procedure for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate experienced by most men after the age of fifty.

GreenLight PVP™, or Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate, is unlike any other enlarged prostate treatment, since it combines the effectiveness of an invasive surgical procedure with the safety and ease of a minimally invasive treatment. The GreenLight PVP Laser Procedure has been proven safe, effective and durable in clinical studies conducted over a five-year period at many leading medical institutions across the world.

Choosing a BPH treatment involves careful consideration to determine if the treatment is safe, effective in relieving symptoms and restoring urine flow, long-lasting and easy to tolerate. The most commonly available treatments all require the patient to make significant compromises in these areas. Drug therapy provides some symptom relief but requires a daily commitment to medication, is costly and likely to fail over time. Conventional surgery in the form of Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) of Holmium enucleation prostate (HOLEP) have proven to be effective treatment for BPH, but are associated with higher risks and complications, such as impotence, incontinence and the need for blood transfusions, as well as a prolonged catheterization and a 4-6 week recovery period. In contrast, most minimally invasive heat treatments offer reduced risks and also reduced efficacy and delayed symptom relief for several weeks following treatment.

With the GreenLight PVP Laser Procedure, BPH patients no longer need to compromise the effectiveness or the safety of treatment. The GreenLight PVP Laser Procedure is a true treatment solution, not just a step in the management of BPH.

“Unlike other BPH treatments, the GreenLight PVP™ Laser Procedureoffers immediate relief in symptoms with minimal pain and results that are better than traditional TURP or HOLEP surgery,” said Dr. Hai.
With the breakthrough GreenLight PVP Laser Procedure at Sagar Hospital, Bangalore men suffering from enlarged prostate in their 50s and above, will witness unparalleled clinical endpoints, immediate and dramatic relief of symptoms, no catheterization in many cases, very short outpatient procedure and short convalescence.

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