At Sagar Hospitals Urology and Transplantation department, new discoveries, inventions, techniques and innovations are being churned out with great rapidity associated with extra ordinary applications to alleviate human sufferings. Few decades ago kidney stone removal would involve a major surgery - a few weeks stay in the hospital with associated morbidity and mortality. Now, it is down to an outpatient procedure without any use of anesthesia using Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL).


To consider Prostate surgery as a day care procedure with a short stay is unthinkable, however today it has become a routine with the use of Greenlight KTP laser.

Today, in the field of organ transplantation we have the capability of transplanting organs, such as kidney, with remarkable ease and comfort to the patient.

The Sagar Group of Hospitals has always been in the forefront, when it comes to patient care. We have instituted latest technologies and equipments to help patients lead a healthy life. From sophisticated lasers and advanced laparoscopy to difficult kidney transplantations including pediatric kidney transplants, the department is well equipped and trained to handle such cases with aplomb and a 100% success rate. This truly, is a model and a referral centre for difficult and complicated cases.

Sagar Hospitals has immediate plans of acquiring HIFU and Da Vinci Robot for robot assisted surgeries. This will help in the diagnosis and early cure of prostate and other illness.

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