At the Sagar Hospitals®, our Urology and Nephrology departments understand the predicament and strive to bring a feeling of comfort and solace to many of our patients by extending our expertise in providing prompt and proper diagnosis, followed by appropriate treatment. We are well equipped with sophisticated lasers and advanced laparoscopy equipment to perform complicated kidney transplantations with precision successfully.

All possible surgeries that can contemplated  including

  • advance laproscopic procedures
  • Laproscopy Donor-nephrectomy,
  • Laproscopy Radical Nephrectomy
  • Laproscopic radical Prostatectomy   ,

are performed at the Sagar Hospitals®. We are fully  geared  to perform all endoscopic procedures which include:

  • diagnostic cystoscopy 
  • TURP
  • Uretero-renoscopy,
  • Surgical tackling of all possible stones including lazer lithotripsy (Holmium)

3 years back we have embarked on using the latest Greenlight Lazer Therpay for vaporisation of prostate .

We have to date more than 300 procedures with the same technology with astoundingly happy results. We regularly carry out infertility work, impotence work(Male infertility). We regularly carry out adultpaediatric cadaveric kidney transplantation at our hospitals and endeavoured in a completing a joint study with  a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon for conducting transplant with bypass surgery. 

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Our world class medical team