Department of NeuroSciences

The Neuroscience Department at Sagar Hospitals provides expert care to neurological, neurosurgical, and psychiatric patients both in adult and pediatric neurology.

The neuro team comprising some of the best neurosurgeons and neurologists works to comprehensively treat and provide the expert care for patients suffering from neurological problems like epilepsy, movement disorder (Parkinson’s disease), cerebral stroke, cranio-spinal infection, degenerative disorders, chronic headache, and migraine. The team has successfully carried several spinal implant surgeries for spasticity. Sagar Hospitals is one of the few tertiary hospitals with a history of successfully treating intra-arterial and intra-venous thrombolysis and it is backed by an excellent intensive care and rehab facility.

Effective management of acute strokes with clot busters or intervention is done using the latest technology in imaging. The neurological labs are fully equipped to diagnose, using EEG for evaluation of seizure and epilepsy, 

Unexplained episodes of unconsciousness and coma ENMG system 

muscle disease (ENMG),

neuropathies and peripheral nerve disorder (NCV), and Evoked potentials for visual pathway (VEP), for hearing (BAER), and for sensory pathway assessment (SSEP).



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