Motherhood is an exhausting experience though a pleasurable one. Your life is about to become very hectic. Your activities will primarily revolve around your baby. Making time for yourself will become difficult as you will be on call most of the time. Here are a few tips that will help new moms:

  •  Establish a routine for your baby. Try to bathe, feed and play with him/her as per a schedule.
  •  Regulate your baby’s sleep so that they sleep through night. Don’t entertain the baby when they wake up at night put them back to sleep.   
  •  New moms need enough rest so get some rest while your baby is sleeping. Avoid the temptation of finish your chores.
  •  Eat a balanced nutritious meal as you are also passing on nutrition to your baby.
  •  Continue to keep up with your daily share of vitamin and drink plenty of water.
  •  Take time off for yourself. Indulge yourself to reduce stress and keep you from depression; watch a movie, listen to music, call a friend, take a walk.
  •  Find time to exercise to build up the body’s stamina and regain your original body shape. Exercises are also known to promote the mental wellbeing of the new mother.
  •  Get your family and friends to give you a hand with the baby. It will give you some precious time out and members of your family time to bond with the new one.
  •  Postnatal depression is common among new moms. Talking to your partner and other mothers helps in identifying symptoms as well as the recovery process.

Often new mothers get so engrossed in caring for their new born that they ignore themselves. A healthy and a happy mother is essential for the well being of the baby. Cherish and pamper yourself as often as you can. You are special too.

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