For more information on cardiac health and wellness; explore the symptoms, preventions and and some of our best handled cases. At Sagar Hospitals®, we believe that knowledge empowers us to lead a better and a healthier life. 

The Sagar Hospitals® has conducted unique Preventive Cardiac Care programs and CME programs.

The Sagar Hospitals®  is proud of introducing  a strong proponent towards the radial approach to interventions .Eminent Doctors at the Sagar Hospitals® like Dr.Kishore K.S. performs interventions by the radial approach (access through the wrist) and he has performed more than 9000 invasive procedures, majority of them   by radial approach.

Radial Approach  for Coronary Intervention

The Radial approach is an unique technique of doing coronary angiography and angioplasty through the artery in the patient`s wrist .In radial procedures patients stay in the hospital only for  a few hours and immediate ambulation of the patient post procedure is an added benefit, which makes radial approach like a day care procedure .Where as the angiography and angioplasty done by the conventional femoral approach requires overnight stay of the patient at the hospital and immobilization of the patient for more than 6 hours.


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